Tree Trimming & Maintenance

  • Many people don't think of a tree's limbs as a danger, but they can be! Strong winds, wind and storm damage, pests and beetles, or just an aging tree can cause limbs to break or otherwise become damaged. These limbs can fall suddenly or be blown out by the wind, potentially landing on and damaging your home, property, or even injure you or a loved one. Proper tree and limb maintenance is important to reduce these risks. Even when a tree isn't damaged or sick, it's still important to properly maintain your trees by periodically limbing branches. At The Tree Service, we have years of experience analyzing trees and choosing branches to trim to keep your trees healthy and you and your property safe.

    Do you have trees that need some limbing maintenance done? Call The Tree Service for a customized quote on your project. We will limb your trees safely, efficiently, and with as little disruption to your life as possible - including clean up and removal of branches. We have experience removing trees around buildings and on steep or otherwise difficult terrain, and will give you an honest assessment of your tree based on your situation as we can. Don't wait for a disaster: call The Tree Service today!

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