Priest Lake, Idaho

  • Priest Lake, Idaho is in the northern most reaches of Bonner County, some 80 miles from Spokane. Known for the pristine waters of the Lake from which it gets its name, the Priest Lake community is comprised of several small burghs offering cabins, food, lake access, and more. The main body of the lake - the Lower Priest - is 19 miles long and reaches 300 feet deep in places. The Lower Priest Lake is connected to the Upper Priest Lake through a 2 and half-mile thoroughfare. The first white settlers to the region were trappers, and the Priest Lake area was eventually settled by the Jesuit priests. The lake would eventually be called "Kaniksu," believed to be a Native American word meaning "black robe," referencing the black robes the Jesuits wore. Priest Lake is home to dense woods and stands of cedar, pine, fir, larch, and many other types of trees, and the topography is steep at times, making tree trimming and removal challenging for all but the best arborists. Call The Tree Service today to make an appointment for your consultation about your dangerous trees today!

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